Downloads and Links

Downloads of the OGOLEM framework, the manual and links to libraries and friends.


A beta version of the OGOLEM manual can be downloaded from HERE.


The current snapshot version of OGOLEM-NG (next generation, solid beta quality) is available from HERE.
The last snapshot of the classic OGOLEM (eventually to be replaced with the NG version) is available from HERE.
An up-to-date source tarball can be downloaded from HERE.
Everything can be used freely under the conditions of the OGOLEM license (4-clause BSD).

Friends of OGOLEM

The ogolem.jar contains a couple of freely available libraries in order to work. They include:

Other code contributions are from
  • Atomdroid
    mobile computation chemistry, developed at the Georg-August-University Goettingen by J. Feldt, R. A. Mata and J. M. Dieterich
  • Lionbench, a golem-controlling meta-code. Written at the Georg-August-University Goettingen by M. Kammler and J. M. Dieterich

Additional important codes include
  • NUMAL (Java version)
    which can be added to OGOLEM after buying the book
  • Tinker: one of the few clean Fortran codes
  • various versions of phenix developed in the group of B. Hartke at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel

Our development would not be possible without

Patches et al

  • PATCH against Apache commons-math to improve memory pressure
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